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All About High-Speed Doors

The article is going to be focusing on one particular type of door. These are high speed doors. Providing you with information on what they are, how they work, what they are used for, the benefits they can bring, and any disadvantages you want to consider.

What Are They?

Let’s begin with the basic facts surrounding this type of door. Of course, as the name would suggest it is a door that operates at high speeds. Like any other door, it is used to secure an entrance to a building or working zone. Most commonly used on the exterior entrances where you would require quick access and door operation.

How Do They Work

Another point you are going to want to understand when considering this style of door is simply how they work. This is fairly simple, to be able to operate at fast speeds, these doors are powered by electric motors. This allows them to open and close at faster speeds than what manpower would be able to achieve. These electric motors tend to be operated by a single button push. One button that tells the motor to open the door, and another which tells the motor to close the door. These tend to open in a rolling manner, allowing the door to roll up, not taking up much space at all in the working area.

What Are They Used For?

As we have previously mentioned, high-speed doors tend to be used on many business buildings across the United Kingdom. They will tend to be placed on entrances and exits that have a high footfall, but not too high that the door would just be left open. This style of door you will tend to see used in warehouses, for example where lorries would pull up to have goods loaded or unloaded, or for access into an outside yard.

What Are The Benefits?

Now for the part, you have all been waiting for. The benefits of deciding to invest in this style of door for your business. Well, we are happy to share with you that there are a few main benefits that catch our attention.

1- Additional Security – As this door is powered by electricity you are gaining the benefit of additional security. It is much more difficult to break through a door that has a motor as this will tend to not want to move unless the correct button is pushed. This helps to keep your business more protected.

2- Insulation Properties – It is also great to know that this door does bring excellent insulation properties. This is again due to the electrically powered motor that allows the door to create a tight seal with the ground. Helping to prevent any warm air from escaping.

3- Increased Productivity – When we have installed these doors, we have noticed that businesses do increase in productivity. This is because they are no longer waiting around for their doors to open. They do not have workers standing around holding doors open for one another. It’s quicker to use, allowing employees to use their time more effectively.

What About Any Disadvantages?

Of course, before you decide if you are going to invest in high-speed doors, you want to have an understanding of any disadvantages to purchasing them. There are only three we can think of that will be of interest to you.

1- High Cost – It is easy to see that this style of door does have a higher initial purchase cost. It is not the cheapest option on the market, but this is in correspondence with the benefits that it can provide businesses. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this may not be the choice for you.

2- Running Costs – this is something else that plays a huge part in this style of door. They are not the cheapest to run. As they have an electrically powered motor, you will find they do use a lot of electricity increasing your bills significantly.

3- Installation Time – It is also good to understand that the installation time for this style of door is longer than other options on the market. This is simply because there are more components to install and everything needs to be placed correctly so it works effectively.

The choice ultimately comes down to you as the business owner. Whether or not you decide to invest in this style of door for business use. It is one of the most promising doors on the market, but we will always recommend that you ensure your finances will not be too majorly affected by this purchase.