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Effective Security To Protect Your Windows

Ideally, we all should want to do all we can to protect our properties. Windows are one of the most common ways that criminals break into properties across the United Kingdom. This is the same for both business properties and homes. Today, we are going to look into different ways you can protect your window, including different glass, key-operated locks, and security bars for windows.

Improving Protection With Glass

One effective security method you can use to improve window security is looking into what kind of glass you are using. Commonly homes and businesses will use double glazing for their windows, but the more of this you use, the more protection you will have. We recommend investing in triple glazing or higher to bring the most protection. You may also wish to invest in tempered glass, this is a type of glass that is known to be stronger and more difficult to break. This will easily help to protect your windows from unwanted break-ins. With this method of improving your window security, it can be very costly. Replacing the entire window is not something that is going to be cheap and can take a long time to be installed. This is something to consider, especially if you are looking for a quick fix to a rise in crime in your area.

Improving Window Protection with Locks

Another effective way to improve window security is through key-operated locks. These can come in a variety of styles that help to protect your windows from unwanted break-ins. They can be locks that are on the window handle or locks attached at different points with a metal wire which allows the window to still be opened slightly. These styles of locks will help to protect your window, as when it is locked, it is going to be difficult to manually open it from the outside. Meaning intruders will have to smash the window to enter, which is not always something they want to do if they do not want to get caught. By investing in locks you are helping to protect your property from break-ins with limited evidence they occurred. This is a very cheap and affordable way to improve security for your windows. Whilst it may not always be the most effective, it is going to provide you with an extra sense of security, as well as still allowing windows to be opened with no worries.

Improving Safety with Window Bars

Finally, you can also improve the protection and safety of your windows through the use of security bars for windows. These are what you will more commonly see on business across the United Kingdom as they are not the most visually appealing. As the name would suggest these are bars that are installed either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the inside of your window. These provide extra protection creating an extra barrier. This barrier works as even if the glass was smashed, the small spaces between the bars are not large enough for anyone to climb through. Helping to prevent criminals from entering and if you have CCTV they are more likely to be caught causing the damage. The security bars that are installed will typically be made from metal. This is an extremely strong and durable material, and it is very unlikely anyone will be able to break through them. When looking at security bars, you will find these tend to be the mid-range security option. There are going to be some that are more affordable and others that are more expensive. But the price will correlate to the quality, to bring your business the best protection, you want to invest in the highest quality product possible. You will also need to consider installation time, as this is something that will need to be planned in advance.

The Conclusion

There are many different solutions you can use when you are looking to provide extra security for windows for your home or business. If you are looking for your home, upgrading your windows to triple glazing and installing key-operated locks are going to be the most worthwhile. If you are looking for your business property, we recommend security bars for windows and upgrading your windows to triple glazing for the best protective outcome. Always remember to consider your budget, to consider the time it’s going to take to make the change. You shouldn’t put a price limit on protection and security, but you should always ensure it is going to be the best for your business’s overall outcome.