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The Different Ways of Operating Security Shutters

Choosing to install security shutters on your property is an important decision to make. They can make a real difference to the security of the building, and they can also give you the added peace of mind you need when it comes to protecting your building. There are different types to choose from, which will be operated in different ways. Here is a quick summary of the different security roller shutters you can choose from:

  • Swivel or geared belt doors. These shutters are operated using a belt mechanism, but a geared crank handle may also be needed for larger doors.
  • Spring loaded doors. Simply pull these down to shut and secure. Incorporate a lock on the bottom of the door if needed.
  • Rod crank doors. A geared crank winding handle is attached underneath the box. This can be folded away, and brought out when operating the doors.
  • Motor and switch doors. These doors are operated using a motor and either a rocker switch, key switch or remote control.

The type of door you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the door that is required, and your budget.