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Security Shutters for Optimum Security

Installing security shutters for shop fronts, and commercial doors and windows is the perfect option for security and deterrence. Shutters have the added benefit of being a good visual deterrent for anybody who might be considering breaking and entering, as well as being physically strong and able to resist a great deal of force. This means that shutters can withstand potential break ins and will be much more secure than simply having a door or window that is exposed. Security shutters and grilles, which are another popular security product, can be designed and made to achieve the perfect fit and offer a secure barrier against the outside world, going a long way towards preventing break ins and vandalism.

Security shutters are one of few products that provide such a good visual deterrent, which is on of the reasons why they offer optimum security levels. An exposed shop doorway, no matter how good the bolts and locks might be, will always visually appear to be more vulnerable than a doorway that is covered by a shutter. The locked and bolted door is still important but it will sit behind the security shutters to add another layer of security. If someone were to break through the security shutters, there would still be a highly secure doorway for them to get through before gaining access to the building itself.

Shutters will usually be made from a strong material such as steel. Lightweight shutters might also be made from a material such as aluminium. Whatever material they are made from, shutters can provide an excellent barrier to keep people out, as they would be very difficult to damage, and even more so to actually break through. It is even difficult to dent strong metal shutters.

Security shutter styles and options

Security shutters aren’t one size fits all. In fact, shutters will usually be custom made to order to achieve the perfect fit, something that is very important because even the smallest gap could mean there is a gap where the shutter could be wedged or jemmied open. The shutter will need to fit perfectly into the door or window frame in order to be useful in prevent break ins.

Choosing shutters is about more than just picking something functional. There are many colours and finishes available, which can even be personalised and branded if desired. Having security shutters fitted doesn’t have to be a negative thing; it is a chance to increase brand awareness and make the property look its best, whilst also improving security. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive at all.

Shutters can also be either manually or electrically operated. Manual will be the more economical option but it’s still very important to consider value, not just cost. Electric security shutters will be more efficient and faster to shut, something that might not seem important at first, but that will be essential in day to day use. Don’t forget that shutters can also provide additional insulation and can offer shade at the front of a building, so it’s important to choose wisely and get ultimate value.