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Protecting your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the main entry points to a building, and if you are security conscious, you will need to make sure your doors and windows are reinforced. This is applicable to both domestic and commercial spaces, which are both at risk of being broken into. You should look for different types of protection depending on your situation and the place where you are based, and how much you have inside your property that you want to protect.

These are some ways of reinforcing doors:

  • Using extra locks, like bolts, and making sure all locks are British Standard.
  • Installing a London bar. This makes it harder to break down a door.
  • Alarms. Fit your door with alarm systems that sound on force.

For windows:

  • Alarm systems. Again, these can be used to help with security.
  • Bars and grilles. If you don’t want them in use all the time, choose a retractable option.