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How to Get the Most Out of High Speed Doors in your Industry

Doors are important for the functionality and safety of your building, providing you with various options for improving your productivity, businesses processes and profitability. It might not seem that a humble door could achieve all of this for you, but you’d be amazed what the right kind of door can do for your industrial sector business. High speed doors are doors that are geared up to meeting the needs of people operating within your sector, who face the same kinds of challenges as you and will need to solve them in a way that is business friendly and customer friendly. If you haven’t replaced your doors for many years or you are thinking about refurbishing your space, then high speed, high performance industrial doors are definitely the way to go. 

What are roller shutter doors? 

Before you can understand the full benefits of roller shutter doors, you need to know what they are and how they operate. 

Essentially, a roller door is a sheet or curtain that rolls down over an opening to secure it. They will almost always be electrically operated in industry, though it is possible to source manual options if budget is tight. However, electric doors will give you the best functionality and will be very easy to operate, so they are the best option if this is at all possible for you. In this case, all you will need to do is press a button and your door will close and open without you have to do anything more. It might also be possible for you to operate the door using a remote control, depending on the brand and the design. They will often be made from a very well insulated and strong material such as steel, making them suitable for longevity in the workplace. A high speed roller door will work in very much the same way, but it will always be electric, or automated in some way. This allows it to operate at a much higher speed, which will have various benefits for your business.

Will high speed doors really benefit you? 

High speed doors won’t be right for every kind of business, but they will be right for many, especially if you operate in industry. These are some of the benefits for you to consider, so you can think about whether they are relevant to you: 

  • Keeps heat in. If a door is operating at a very high speed, it will keep the temperature more ambient. This means that you won’t be losing heat, or allowing in too much heat in warm weather. This will help to improve your efficiency and reduce your bills, but it is also important if you need to keep temperatures constant for the goods you store in your warehousing. 
  • Safety. Importantly, high speed doors are very safe, as they don’t need to be operated manually and they can be opened up easily to let people pass through with no obstructions. 
  • Efficiency. You will notice that operations flow more quickly and more smoothly, meaning more efficiency for your business.