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Industrial Shop Front Shutters – Protecting your Property

Good security measures are essential in the industry and in the commercial world. If you have premises you need to protect, have you considered installing industrial shop front shutters? These clever, strong and hard-wearing shutters are designed to provide security in an industrial setting, for properties that could otherwise become easy targets. This is especially important for a shop because it would be very easy for the shop to become an easy target due to the high-value stock that is inside. Even an alarm system isn’t going to be enough to protect a shop, warehouse or industrial workshop on its own. It needs backup from a wider security system.

A security system should be thorough and complete if it is going to do its job properly. It is no good just relying on one measure alone. Why not install industrial shutters alongside an alarm system? The shutters could even be linked up to the alarm system, so that if a great amount of force is applied to the door, it will trigger the alarm system.

Why are security shutters so beneficial? 

Security shutters and grilles are a major deterrent for burglars, thieves and criminals. They stand between them and the building inside, making it incredibly difficult to gain entry. If it is going to be too difficult or too risky to gain entry, then a criminal is much less likely to do so. Visual deterrents are incredibly important in security, and by installing industrial shutters, you are giving out a clear message that this property is protected.

You can tie in your shutter system to your other security systems as well. By having a CCTV camera visible near to the shop front, this shows that the building is being constantly monitored. This provides yet another deterrent to anyone who could be thinking about breaking in.

How are industrial shop front shutters made? 

Shutters are usually made from steel, aluminium, or another strong and resilient material. This helps them to withstand potential break-ins and keeps them strong in all weather conditions. A roller door construction is used, which means that the door can be opened and closed using a remote control that operates the door’s motor.

A security shutter is one single metal curtain, so there are no obvious gaps for forcing the door open. This will then open upwards, so you won’t need a lot of space for opening the door.

What about installation? 

Industrial shop front shutters should always be installed by a professional. They will be able to measure up beforehand and make sure you have the right size shutter installed. They will make sure everything is fitted correctly and all components of the door are working. This ensures you will have a door that is completely fit for purpose and that will do its very best for you. When it comes to security, it is absolutely not worth cutting corners to save some money. Your doors need to be strong, resilient and reliable, and the only way you know you can rely on them is if they are properly installed.